Employee Action Hotline

An Early Warning System Can Reduce Employer Liability 

An open door policy is great, but it may not be enough to protect your company. Many employers offer an additional outlet for employees to voice their concerns. The Employee Action Hotline is a resource for your employees to report:

  • Fraud  • Harassment  • Misconduct  • Discrimination  • Safety issues  • Workplace violence

Benefits of the Hotline:

  • Employers learn about wrongful acts before they escalate into actionable claims
  • Acts as a sexual harassment deterrent—a critical element in avoiding future litigation
  • Assists in maintaining workplace standards
  • Allows employees to report (anonymously or not) their observations and/or suspicions in real time
  • Acts as a safety line to report and deter unsafe acts or potential OSHA violations

How it Works:

1.  Aman on phonen employee calls the action hotline with a concern. Employees can call from anywhere, anytime and choose whether to remain anonymous.

2.  An interview specialist will capture all the information provided by the caller. Spanish speaking interviewers available on request.

3.  CEA will compile an incident report and, deliver the information to the employer within the next business day. 

When Your Business Signs up for an Employee Action Hotline you Receive:

  • An 800 number for your employees to call anytime, from anywhere, 24/7.woman on phone
  • A marketing kit to inform your employees with flyers, email banners, email signatures, and paycheck stubs.
  • Experienced interviewers who will document the information received from the caller. Spanish speaking interviewers available on request.
  • Incident reports after every call.
  • A better, safer workplace and peace of mind.

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