Consulting Hours Policy

Your CEA Membership works for you to provide Peace of Mind. We have Advisors who are bilingual in English and Spanish so we can effectively communicate with your entire team. There are three categories of membership:

Associate Membership - This membership provides unlimited HR advice by telephone and email during regular business hours, access to the CEA website including CEA University. Associate Members do not receive consultation hours with their membership. However, when project consultation work is performed, it is billed as “excess hours” at a rate of $200/hour.

Premier Membership - In addition to the benefits of the Associate membership, the Premier membership includes an allotment of 8 consultation hours per anniversary year. Any unused hours do not carry over from one anniversary year to the next. When a Premier member exceeds those 8 hours, they are billed at a rate of $200/hour.

Ultimate Membership – This full-service membership includes all the benefits of a Premier membership, plus two free Harassment Prevention trainings, discounts on recruiting, coaching & leadership trainings. When an Ultimate member exceeds 8 consultation hours, they are billed at a rate of $200/hour.

Services not eligible for consultation hours include:
Compensation Surveys, Affirmative Action Plans, Recruiting and Leadership Development Courses.

Billable Hours/Consultation Hours/Bank Hours: Phone calls in excess of 15 minutes may incur a billable charge - be sure to discuss this with your HR Advisor. Billable consultation hours (excess hours) are used for work which goes above and beyond providing phone or email support. Excess hours are designated as either Tier 1 or Tier 2 billable projects.

Tier 1 Services billed in 1 hour increments:

  • Research on a wage and hour or labor law issue
  • Preparation for trainings
  • Delivering onsite trainings
  • Conducting an HR or an I9 audit
  • Customizing webinars and other trainings
  • Developing, reviewing or revising an employee handbook or policy
  • Employer assisted internal investigations
  • Employee relations support virtually or on-site (hiring, discipline, termination, etc.)

Tier 2 Services billed in 1.5 hour increments:

  • Preparing for representation
  • Representation during union negotiations
  • Representation at Unemployment Insurance Hearings
  • Representation at Labor Commission (DLSE) Hearings
  • Responses to DLSE, DFEH and EEOC claims
  • AB1234 (Ethics) trainings

Attorney led (independent, third party) investigations: $300 per hour.

Non Member Bill Rate:  $255.00 per hour for Tier 1 and $382.50 for Tier 2 services.

After Hours/Premium Pay:  Work performed for Members or Non-Members, Monday through Friday before 8:00 am and after 5:00 pm and/or weekends, will be subject to an additional charge of $250.00. Premium pay is not billed during labor negotiations.

RUSH Premium: Premium for any Hearings or Representation scheduled with less than 7 days notice. $500 for CEA members, $750 for non-members.

Travel Time:  Two hours of travel time will be billed for each requested or scheduled visit to a members’ location (or other designated location for hearings, trainings, etc.) at the same rate as excess hours.

Cancellation Fee:  A minimum 2 hour cancellation fee will apply when a training and/or consultation is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

CEA provides HR Support that is educational and informational in nature and does not provide legal representation or legal advice. 

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